We make our values count.

We are warmhearted, reliable, confident, ambitious, and act united as a team. This helps us to focus on the future together in our daily lives and to create unique travel experiences. Be a part of it.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A good place to work. And feel welcome.

We value individuality. That’s why we don’t discriminate among our colleagues. We use your preferred pronouns in the day-to-day, support the LGBTIQ community and promote equal opportunities within our management through our programmes for women’s professional development. We work on making our environment a little more inclusive every day. And we really value your input and ideas along the way. Because we want everyone to feel like they can show their true colors and make their dreams fly at Austrian.

social responsibility

Let’s create change together. For a better world.

For us, travelling the world is not enough. We want to take responsibility for it. By aiding African communities via our Help Alliance project within Lufthansa Group, supporting young people in the SINDBAD mentoring program and taking part in many more selected initiatives, we aim to make the world a better place. So why not discover a charitable project that inspires you and join us in our mission?

environmental responsibility

Investing in the future of flying.

As an airline, we have a big responsibility to make our business as sustainable as possible. We want to be part of the solution and have set ourselves ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint. By 2030 we want to halve our net CO₂ emissions compared to 2019 and by 2050 we want to fly CO₂ neutral. What do we need to do this? An innovative spirit and trusted people like you to take off together.

We’re looking forward to embarking
on your journey with you.